Skin79 Super Plus BB Foundation - 40g (SPF40 PA+++)

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PURPLE Super+ Blemish Balm Triple Functions is a multi-functional BB cream/ Foundation that has whitening, winkle improvement, and UV protection effects. The Moisture Capturing System promotes cell health, strengthens skin's elasticity and enhances luminosity. The Alusion, which is the main component of the White Sapphire, gives a light-scattering effect to your skin and also covers imperfections at the same time. The Oil Touch Complex provides the skin with nourishment and keeps the moisture balance by forming a layer of coating. Keep your skin vibrant and moist without dryness all day long! This product is perfect for dry skin. Product weight: 40g.

How to Use:

After cleansing the face take a liberal amount and apply evenly on the skin and neck.