[Missha] Signature Sexy Black Eyeliner

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This is a perfect eyeliner for both daily use and a sexier night time use. But unlike other eyeliners, it also includes a 5-step intensive care system that helps restore dry and damaged skin in the eye area and roots of eyelashes caused by frequent makeup and cleansing.

For those who want a liquid type eyeliner that appies softly and moisturized the skin without irritations, this is the perfect eye-liner!


  • Excellent color expression 
  • For those who are concerned with smudges and fading due to oily eye area
  • A long-lasting and vivid eye line
  • Evenly applied minute particles
  • Delicate expression by backward-planted brush
  • Deep black eyeliner maintains vivid eye line against water, sweat and sebum
  • The 5-step intensive care system for the perfect eye-makeup: Supplying moisture and nutrition, firming and strengthening the root of the eyelashes

 To use:

Draw a line along the eyelid as if filling the inner edge of eyelid with eyeliner brush.

TIP : Close the cap tightly after using to prevent the content from drying out.