You have probably heard of the snail creams and even the bee venom and snake venom ingredients that South Korea have started injecting into their cosmetics. There are gold flakes in others and even caviar in some. And then there is honey.

Honey, an ingredient in many Korean Cosmetics, is an all-natural ingredient that for centuries has been proven to have benefits.


It is a naturally hydrating substance that is easily absorbed by the skin and helps create a natural healthy “glowing” complexion.


With its natural anti-bacterial properties, it is great to both prevent and treat acne and other irritations on the skin.


Honey is filled with anti-dioxidants, which helps slow down the aging process.


It also helps open up pores to help clear them out and unblock them.

So why not try and add a honey product to your daily routine and see how you get on? ^_^

Red Appletox Honey Cream

 Red Appletox Honey Cream

 This cream is absolutely gorgeous. Containing both apple and honey extracts, it acts as a skin peeling treatment. It is also in a fantastic container that will look fantastic on any beauty table ^_^ You can read more about it here.

Royal Honey Anti-wrinkle Ampoule and Mask

Royal Honey Anti-wrinkle Ampoule and Mask

I find this one so quirky. This mask contains both a moisture ampoule with a concentrated solution in it and also a more traditional mask. You can read more about it and purchase it here. 

Royal Honey Eye Cream

Royal Honey Eye Cream


Now this is one I actually own and use on a daily basis so I am going to be a little biased, as I really enjoy the way it makes my eyes feel. It minimizes fine lines around the eyes and makes my skin feel incredibly soft! To get it and read more click here.

Happy honey shopping! ^_^