Do you ever look at anti-aging creams and think “im too young for that!”. Or even worse; do you look at them and wander “am I old enough for them?”. 

For a lot of women in their 20’s, the question remains: when is the time to start using anti-aging products?

Most women will start using them in their late 30’s or over 40. But in some countries like Korea, girls will start using products containing them as early as their teens! In fact, almost all Korean facial cosmetics/creams claim to have anti-aging products in them. 

But then there are articles and newspapers ( that claim that they have proof from various dermatologists that it is dangerous and unhealthy to start too soon with the products and that women could damage their skin. 

So which is it? Below I have broken down the issues and attempted to get answers to them.

What age can I start using anti-aging products? 

The truth is it is your choice. You can start using the products whenever you want. Your choice might be swayed by certain factors such as your geographical location- living in a hot sunny country and going in the swimming pool or sea every day, might cause your skin to be prone to dryness and early sun damage. Living on a certain diet on the other hand might make your skin look younger for longer.  Whichever it is, society does not need to tell you when you to start using anti-aging products,. It is your face, your skin. Do what you like. 

When is it SAFE to start using anti-aging products? 

When you want to use the products and when you ought to start using them can be a different thing all together. As mentioned above, there are articles that claim your skin will be damaged by using them too soon. Then on the other hand you have Asian countries that inject the ingredients into all their cosmetics and end up selling products that are cute and orientated to the young with anti-aging products in them!


So which one is right? Here are some photos for you to compare between the western ideology and the Asian. Both of the women below are celebrities and both are 46...

Korean Cosmetics UK online store
Korean Cosmetics UK online store



 And I have to admit. You look at the Asian skin and in particular Korean skin and it looks amazing! I don’t care what people say about media and marketing and other ways of persuading people, there is nothing that can dissuade me from what my eyes see around me- all my Korean friends have better and younger skin than my western friends. My best friends Korean mother is 68 and she looks in her 40s and my mother is 65 and looks just that. So based on what I see around me, I conclude that starting anti-aging products early, providing they are aimed for younger skin so they aren’t so “heavy”, does indeed appear to help and certainly doesn’t look like it harms the majority of people.  

What products do you recommend? 

Well as mentioned earlier, I would recommend to use the products that are aimed at your age group.

You can find a few here.